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San Antonio Mastermind was established to encourage success through collaboration. What does that mean? It means working collectively rather than competitively.

In 2015, thousands of people attended our events. And without question, they were the talk of San Antonio! You can find many of the video replay's on our YouTube channel. You can also find photos that were taken at our events on our Facebook page as well as our Meetup page.

We look forward in 2017 to having an extremely successful year with San Antonio Mastermind by providing invaluable insights into business planning along with many networking opportunities. Our primary mission will always be to increase people’s chances of living the life of their dreams.
Jeremy McGilvrey | Founder of

Delivering messages of hope and inspiration is Jeremy’s primary passion. He thoroughly enjoys sharing the best of everything he’s ever seen, heard, studied, and tried on his website: Jeremy also enjoys teaching others many of the lessons he’s had to learn the hard way. And he wholeheartedly believes everyone has something great to bring to this world. Jeremy absolutely loves helping people realize, develop, and showcase their gifts.

Nerissa Figueroa | WBFF Pro & Founder of Stay Fit Stay Fierce

Nerissa Figueroa has been in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years. She has had the opportunity to work with many different types of clientele, from student athletes, the military and corporate employees.  She is a single mother of two and works full-time in the fitness industry. She started competing 7 years ago and earned the title of Ms Fitness Arizona 2009 & 2010, won the 2012 WBFF Texas Fitness Championship category and earned her Pro card. On top of being a mother, and manages her work, Nerissa also has her own website. She is a writer, blogger and regularly does speaking engagements. Nerissa believes that if you want to see changes, you have to make changes! Stay Fit. Stay Fierce.

Jonathan de la Garza | Creator of The Positive Pin™

Like many people today, Jonathan had his share of tough times and in 2009 he made a vow to himself to find a way to live a more positive life. After creating The Positive Pin™ he developed a series of daily habits that he uses to make his life more enjoyable. He is on a mission to make San Antonio the most positive city in the state of Texas.

Peter Beshay | Boss Creative, CEO

Peter’s primary focus lies in implementing Boss Creative’s vision to deliver the highest quality, the most advanced and cutting-edge online marketing solutions for every client Boss partner’s with. As CEO, Peter oversees client relations, drives the company’s business development, daily operations, and assisting with marketing his firm. Each day Peter gets closer to his goal, which is to drive Boss Creative to become the most reliable, recognized and creatively-driven marketing strategy agency in the world.

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Andrew Carnegie, one of the wealthiest businessmen in history attributed his entire fortune to the knowledge he gained through his MASTERMIND group. And Napoleon Hill, author of the game-changing book Think & Grow Rich believed: "You can accomplish more in one year by being involved with a mastermind group than you can in a lifetime not being involved with a mastermind group."

Why was San Antonio Mastermind Created?
To encourage professionals to work collectively rather then competitively. 
Is there a fee to attend your events?
Yes. We charge minimal fees (usually less then $25) for our public mastermind events. For our private mastermind events (by invite only) the fee begins at $1000. 
How do I join San Antonio Mastermind?
Everyone is welcome to attend our public events. And we encourage you to do so. If you are seeking a smaller group that meets on a regular basis please consider joining our Inner Circle Mastermind. You can apply HERE
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